'Lucy at Days and Dreams will help you get the sleep you deserve!'


Hi I'm Lucy founder of Days and Dreams, I will provide and support you through your baby/child's very own personalised sleep plan, to gently create good sleeping habits.

Suitable for ages 0- 5 years

Anywhere in the world!


Does any of this sound familiar...?

- You have a newborn and have no idea where to start when it comes to their sleep?

- Your child needs to feed to fall asleep or has a dummy that constantly falls out that needs to put it back in?

- You need to rock, bounce, drive, or walk your child for them to nap?

- Are you getting up multiple times a night when your child wakes as they are unable to self soothe back to sleep?

- As a parent your lack of sleep is beginning to take its toll, not only on you but all of your family?

Did you answer yes to any? Then book in for a chat.