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"Providing your child the gift of sleep can be truly life- changing, ensuring that everyone quickly, gently, and supportively gets the sleep they need."  

Lucy Sharpe - Sleep Coach 
est. since 2015


"Lucy was kind, compassionate and very patient with us throughout the time we worked with her... she has truly helped us to transform our lives which has benefited our baby enormously and we are much better parents for it!"


Hi! If you are here you are probably struggling with your little one's sleep, I'd love to help and our first chat is completely free!
My belief is that it is important that we treat our babies and children as individuals and also understand that every parent has their own parenting style, wants and needs. There is no one style fits all approach when it comes to sleep. 
This is why I like to work with my families closely. I create a bespoke detailed sleep plan to follow, however we can go a bit off piste at times (package depending) if I feel it's what your baby needs.
I have a strong instinct when it comes to you and your child, and use that whilst supporting you as parents to guide you into feeling confident and in control of your child's sleep and then in return you have a happy, content, thriving little person. 
With this I am honored to work with Hertfordshire social services being the sleep consultant they refer their foster families and adoptive families to if sleep is an issue for their little ones, especially where there may be some trauma.


Please note, as I am always asked... I don't use cry it out, for me it is all about being there for your child offering comfort, reassurance and support throughout until the sleep confidence starts to grow. I am all about the cuddles! We are nurturing independent, strong, confident, and in return content children. Finding the balance is really important to allow our children to grow as little people. 

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Baby Sleeping
Boy with Teddy Bear

 With a free initial chat, what do you have to lose?

'There is no right or wrong way for your child to sleep as long as good sleep is being had, everyone is safe and happy, then you don't need to change a thing. So you can close this page down and stop worrying!'

Lucy xx

For lots of helpful tips and more information on sleep head to my social media.
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