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Post-pandemic, there have been growing rates of children being referred and diagnosed with anxiety, OCD, and/or depression. CAMHS is a good resource, but the waiting lists are long and I have been told that wait times are reaching up to 3.5 years long locally.

Maybe you're worried about your child's self confidence and self esteem? These are crucial for our children's overall well-being and development, essentially leading to making good life choices, to be resilient, and have self worth.


NLP focuses on how we might change the language we use on ourselves to make sense of everything around us. And in turn, how changing the language can change our behaviours and thoughts by understanding that 'we can all make things better,' we just need to understand the 'negative feelings' first, and where they came from.


NLP will help your child make sense of why they are feeling or behaving the way they are and in return feel more in control and positive to change the language/actions they are choosing. With me this will be through, art, talking, lego, role play, and many other creative ways in our sessions.

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