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Booking Sessions


I have a lovely room on Berkhamsted High Street, Herts, this is predominantly where I hold 1:1 sessions and workshops.

However, I can also come into your child's school if fairly local to Tring/Berkhamsted in Herts (this will need to be arranged by you with school) to have 1:1 sessions in the school in a quiet private space.


Free initial call

If you are concerned about your child and would like to talk things over please book in for your free 10 minute call here.


Video call

Once we have chatted we will organise a video call to go into more detail about what is happening, ideally with all main carers and sometimes even the child too. There is no charge for this call.

If you'd like to go straight to booking the video call then please book in here and select NLP video call.



Once we have decided on a start date and time, I ask that you commit to at least 5 session. We usually have anything from between 5- 12 sessions.



It is £50 a session.

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