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  • What age group is NLP for?
    Any age from 5 to 16, but that's not a strict age range and dependent on each individual.
  • How many sessions are needed?
    I ask for a minimum for 5 sessions, up to about 10-12.
  • How much does a session cost and how long are the sessions?
    The first 'get to know you' session is 30-45 minutes long and is £30. This allows us both to see if we're the right fit for each other. Children may want the parent to be present for this session, older children this is not necessary. After the 'get to know you' session it's £50 for 60 minutes, ideally weekly, and the parent won't be present.
  • Can sessions be online?
    I would want the first 5 sessions to be face to face, after that there is an option to move online if necessary. Ideally all sessions are face to face as we use all sorts of resources that most likely won't be available at home.
  • Where do the session's take place?
    On Berkhamsted High Street, above Fine & Country, next to St Peter's Church.
  • What happens in the sessions?
    A range of modalities can/will be used, some examples are Lego, paint, drawing, time line work, role play, breath work, open questioning, and EFT (emotional freedom technique). The session will flow naturally but with the right guidance in accordance to what we have discussed in our video call.
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