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"Sleep changes lives, as a parent it changes your relationships, your mental well-being, and gives you the ability to function on all cylinders.
Also do you remember when you used to drink a whole cup of tea and it was hot?! Yes, you might even have the time to do that again!"

 - Lucy Sharpe x
Sleep Coach

A Bit About Me

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Hey, I'm Lucy and a very proud mum of two gorgeous girls, Hattie (2015) and Frankie (2019). 


I have worked with small people for what seems like my whole life. I was 5 when the youngest of my two brothers was born and apparently I took over. My parents never had to worry about being woken early as there I was to get him up and change his nappy ;0) so there it all began.

I started babysitting at 13 (must have been legal back then), a couple of years later I started working whole weekends looking after children giving parents a break, and then decided to qualify to become a nanny in my late teens (although I nearly went down the social worker route) and took on my first nanny role for a family of three children at 18.


I also worked in day nurseries, was a leader of a really lovely preschool and worked in various schools.

I continued to work as a nanny up until I had my eldest daughter, and it was whilst I was pregnant with Hattie that I trained to be a sleep consultant fueled by the hottest topic I was asked advice on most during my adult working years, which was SLEEP!.. or parents lack of it!

So I have made it my mission to help as many families as possible get the sleep they need and I have already helped hundreds of families get the sleep they need, and wow it's just SO positive and the best feeling when I help turn a families life around. The best bit is they can really enjoy their child fully and their child really enjoy them, this time is so precious!

Once I had my girls, I gained first hand knowledge of the sleepless nights a newborn brings and it's all helped me build on my thirst for the knowledge of sleep, my successful methods and the want to help others more! And yes my girls are great sleepers but of course have their up's and down's just like every other child... I talk about them often on my social media. 


My Days and Dreams Philosophy  

Next to food (milk and/or solids) sleep is vital for children and often they need a 'lot' more than we realise. Giving your child the gift of sleep is something I am extremely passionate about. When our children sleep this is when they grow, they store memories, develop and are able to thrive. It's so important they have all the energy they need whilst awake. Just think about how fast your child has grown and developed so far, it really is exhausting for them!

The length of a sleep is so important, along with falling asleep independently. Often we get to a point where we need to coach, guide, and encourage our little people to learn how to fall asleep unaided and for longer periods. Also we as parents have to be aware of what time sleep is needed to prevent overtiredness. This means we can build a sleep routine and little ones bodyclock can get itself into a pattern. Once we bring those three elements together sleep tends to get so much better and very quickly.

But how and when? This is where I come in and take that thinking out of it for you by creating a sleep plan for your child.


Every plan written is tailored to your child and their uniqueness, I take into account all information you give me (via a questionnaire). I fully appreciate that you are trusting me to work with the most precious little thing in your life. Thank you.

I have a strong intuition when it comes to what is needed to help you and your baby/child in the moment, which is why it is so important to me that we are in contact as much as you need me for the two weeks we work together (package choice depending). This way I can support you in the moment.

I don't use cry it out, for me it is all about being there for your child offering comfort, reassurance and support throughout until the sleep confidence starts to grow. I am all about the cuddles but also remembering that we are nurturing independent, strong, confident, and in return content children. Finding the balance is really important. 


But what about the crying? It is really usual for any baby or child to push back against change, they may be resistant but that's simply because they don't know there is a different way to sleep. Being consistent is the only way to show them that another way is possible. The age and your wants for your child will effect what we implement and when. Some children naturally cry more than others, this is usual, but with lots of emotional and physical support, along with your new found confidence now you know to do and when from the plan and with my support (package depending), I hope any crying/protest is short lived.

Please note; it makes no difference if your baby is breast or bottle fed, good sleep can still be had in exactly the same way with exactly the same philosophy.


No judgement here, just an open ear. (That rhymed!) 

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"Please don't struggle on thinking or hoping things will get better. Or deciding this is just what its like when you have children.
Things can be better right now. Did you know sleep deprivation is an actual form of torture? It really doesn't need to be this way. There is help for you!"

- Lucy Sharpe x
Sleep Coach

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