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My Philosophy

My experience of working with little people has taught me how vital sleep is for growth, development, creating memories, and for your childs general happiness. It is my mission to help as many babies, children and families as possible. 

Sleep can transform a whole family's life. Aside from being much happier, babies will feed better, children will learn and retain information better, and parents live together more harmoniously.


When a family commits to the sleep plan I cannot wait to get started as I know how fanstastic and positive the transformation is! 

I fully appreciate the trust that is put upon me to help your child and I take the role seriously.


Every child and family is different with their own values and practices therefore I will always ensure that everyone is happy, confident and fully understand their sleep plan before beginning. 

I worked with babies and children as a trained professional nanny for over 20 years. Throughout my nanny years I was regularly asked for help and advice regarding sleep problems. I kept hearing of the effects the lack of sleep was having on the whole family and the difference it made once the issues were fixed. I knew that to help more families was something I wanted to do. So whilst pregnant with my first child I became an OCN Baby Em qualified Sleep Consultant and soon after gained some first hand experience of the exhaustion a newborn baby can bring after my daughter Hattie arrived and then again 4 years later with my second daughter Frankie (photos to come.)

Since setting  up Days and Dreams I have loved successfully helping hundreds of families get their sleep back on track and seeing the effect that having sleep on track has on the development of the child. It really is the most rewarding job!

What about crying?

Crying is almost always the first thing I am asked regarding sleep training. Crying is a babies only way of communicating protest and with the changes to their sleep routine there is likely to be some protest. 

Please be assured that although sleep coaching can involve some tears I would never ask you leave your baby alone, or not comfort them if they are upset, you will be with them and you will always know they are safe. 

My method is so successful that generally any tears are very short lived.

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