My Services

Newborns- 4 - 16 weeks

Email or call to for a step by step guide on how to help your newborn sleep through the night from as early as possible.


Free Initial Consultation 

Call or email for a free inital chat about what is happening with your baby or childs sleeping habits. We can discuss my services in more detail.

Email or Phone Call Only Advice- 16 weeks onwards...

Do you have a question about sleep, or anything surrounding your child's sleep, that you'd like some simple advice on? If so, email or call me and I will advise you over the phone or in a reply email giving you any tips or plan of action to follow. If I feel you need more than some quick advise I will let you know.


Two Week Sleep Training Transformation- 16 weeks- 5 years

 Transform your babies nap routine and night time sleep within two weeks. Have constant support and advice from me on hand.

- Free inital consultation.

- I will then look at all contributing factors surrounding your baby or childs sleep and create a personalised tailor made plan for your baby for you to follow for the two weeks.

- I will be here for support for the whole two weeks via text/email/phone.



Email Only Plan

If you feel you would like to do the Two Week Sleep Training Transformation but don't feel you need my support for the two weeks then I can email you your own personalised plan for you to stick to to create a happy little sleeper. 


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