My Services

Newborns- 4 - 16 weeks

Purchase your Newborn sleep guide here on the website (next tab along). This guide gives you the information you need on how to gently begin to lay positive foundations for sleep to create a happy little sleeper.



Free Initial Consultation 

Call or email for a free inital chat about what is happening with your baby or childs sleeping habits. We can discuss my services in more detail.

Email or Phone Call Only Advice- 16 weeks onwards

Do you have a question about sleep, or anything surrounding your child's sleep, that you'd like some simple advice on? If so, email or call me and I will advise you over the phone or in a reply email giving you any tips or plan of action to follow. If I feel you need more than some quick advise I will let you know.


Two Week Sleep Transformation- 16 weeks- 5 years


Transform your baby's nap routine, night time sleep, or whatever the issue is, within two weeks. Have constant support and advice from me on hand.

- Free initial consultation.

- I will look at all contributing factors surrounding your baby or child's sleep and create a personalised tailor-made plan for your baby for you to follow for the two weeks.

- I will be here for support for the whole two weeks via text/email/phone. Having the constant support means that we can work holistically together, making sure we are meeting your child's needs and reacting at the moment they need it most.

This is what makes this two week process so successful.



Email Only Plan

If you feel you would like to do the Two Week Sleep Transformation but don't feel you need my support for the two weeks then I can email you your own personalised plan for you to stick to to create a happy little sleeper.