Is your Newborn able to Sleep Through the Night?

It is said regularly that newborn babies cannot sleep through the night, and yes for the first 4 week you can’t expect this. But by 6 weeks you should be able to get at least 5-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep! When discussing newborns sleep we call this amount of sleep in one go ‘sleeping through’

For the first four to five weeks your baby's stomach will not be big enough to hold the required amount of milk to enable them to sleep through. The National Sleep Federation suggests 9 months is the average age a baby starts sleeping through; however, you should be able to start getting your newborn to ‘sleep through’ from 6 weeks, stretching to the ultimate 12 hours from anywhere between 4- 6 months.


For your guide on how to encourage your newborn, 4-18 weeks old, to begin to sleep well and start creating positive sleep habits, please contact me.

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