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'I always ask my families to write an honest review of their experience whilst working with me. Here's what they say.'

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We just want to say thank you so much for all the support and advice you have given us regarding Miles's sleep and routine. It has helped us get structure within our day and we have seen a massive improvement with Miles's sleep. He now sleeps 10/11 hours straight at night with no feeds! Which is amazing, we wouldn't have been able to do this without you so thank you.

Fiona, Charlie and Miles 10 months


Working with Lucy has been a transformative experience. Our 9 month old, Mabel, had never slept well and I went back to work so desperately needed some sleep. By the second night of our two week programme, we had our first full nights sleep since she was born and we’ve never looked back! I wish I would have hired Lucy sooner. I now have a much better understanding of baby sleep needs and I have the tools to deal with any challenges which come our way. The sleep has improved all of our wellbeing, Mabel is even taking more milk and eating solids! I never thought improving sleep could have such an impact. Thanks Lucy!

Emily, Shaun and Mabel 9 months


Lucy has been an incredible support to us. Before contacting Lucy, our 13 month old son had never slept well, naps were always short, timings were inconsistent and at times bedtime battles took over 1 hour, with multiple wakes in the night. He was never rested and neither were we! On approaching Lucy and seeing all her amazing reviews, we found it hard to believe this could really work for us. Lucy took time, attention and care to get to know us well, understanding our situation and creating a bespoke plan that was to work for us. No question was ever too silly and Lucy made sure we were super comfortable with the plan before starting it. The difference we saw in just 48 hours was incredible, our son settled in really well to our new routine, sleeping through the night and learning to self settle if he woke - absolutely life changing and worth every penny. Lucy was attentive, supportive and checked in with us regularly, she really cared and wanted this to work for us. She is a magician! We'd highly recommend Lucy and her services x

Terri,  Mike and Sidney 14 months


After 20 months of very little sleep and a failed attempt with another sleep coach 8 months before we asked Lucy to help us with our 2nd child. We had sleep trained our first but the techniques we had used with him weren’t working. Lucy asked a lot of questions at the outset to understand our situation and our goals and created a tailored plan for us. We paid for the middle plan of 2 weeks support and it was incredibly useful to share how things were going, to ask questions, and in a way be accountable for doing our part to teach our daughter how to settle and self-settle. Safe to say it was probably the best money we could have spent as our daughter is now sleeping through the night and the transformation is huge. She enjoys sleep now and we’re finally getting to enjoy ours too. Couldn’t recommend Lucy more highly. She’s professional, supportive and very knowledgeable. Thank you Lucy.

Joe, Michaela, and Matilda 19 months 


Lucy changed our lives for the better on day one from nap one. Not only did she get our 11 month old sleeping through the night, we established two longer naps each day and learnt so much about sleep ourselves. Oh and did I mention we now have to wake our baby in the mornings?! Honestly Lucy surpassed all our expectations! My husband was a complete sceptic but even he was completely converted. Thank you Lucy!!

Gemma, Chris and Phoebe 11 months


Our nearly two year old had ended up co-sleeping with us and was struggling to settle in a cot. We really wanted him to love his cot again (as he had done previously) and for us all to get better sleep. We signed up for the full package and after following Lucy’s plan, he happily goes to bed in his cot and we have fewer night wakes than we have ever had! We really appreciated the ongoing support from Lucy for two weeks, which gave us the confidence to keep going through the first couple of nights. Thank you Lucy!

Charlotte, Matt and Edward 23 months


We apparently chose a bad time to start working with Lucy - right after we moved house! The first week was really tough, I cried every single day and kept thinking this won’t work.  Lucy was super calm and patient when I lost my mind and wanted to give up. Now our son is able to sleep through the night without any wakings (once or twice in a week he might wake for 5mins and settle back.) His nap is also improved so much that we need to wake him up sometimes. We are all very pleased with this outcome after a 2-week training program. Thank you Lucy!

Qing, Nick and Aiden 14 months 


I had tried various different sleep methods that I found cruel and unhelpful. I was recommended to see Lucy. After our 1st conversation I knew this was going to work.
As hard as the process was, and I tried to tap out twice, Lucy stuck with me, motivating me and being super patient. She gave me all of the support and help I needed. I now feel confident and have all of the tools I need which has actually brought me closer to my daughter.
I can’t thank you or recommend you enough. Xx

Nat and Persia 15 months 


We had got ourselves into a bit of a pickle… with very frequent wake ups and hysterics ending in co-sleeping. We followed Lucy’s plan and within one day our little one was sleeping in his own bed all night with only one wake up. There were really tricky times as our 6 month old loves fighting his naps, but Lucy was there the whole time with her guidance. We have our evenings back, we have our bed back, and we have a happy boy who is having enough sleep. We are more confident and have a routine in place and know how to adjust it for those days when things don’t go to plan. Thank you so much Lucy!
Rachael, Andy and Louie 5 months



Lucy wrote us a great plan and was by our side every step & it transformed our baby’s sleep (and ours!) in just a few days.Went from up every 30mins to sleeping through the night ! Worth every penny!

Elena, Jack and Alex age 7 months


Our 19 month old had been co-sleeping with us for a LONG time and regularly waking through the night. After signing up with Lucy for the email package she has remained in her cot, wakes very rarely, and self settles when she does wake, all down to following the plan Lucy created for us.I really wish we had gone down this route sooner as it’s so lovely to have confidence in following a plan and knowing that it actually works, co-sleeping be gone!! Thanks so much Lucy, highly recommend 🙌

Rebecca and Sofia 19 months 


Thank you Lucy! We’ve just finished a 2 week course with Lucy for our 11 month old. We were previously co sleeping with 3-4 wake ups during the night and around 20 minutes totally nap time during the day. Our little one now sleeps through the night and has 3 hours of naps!
From day 1 he was sleeping in his cot and by day 3 he was sleeping through the night and his naps were so much better. As a family we are so pleased we made the decision to do this. Our baby is so much happier and in turn, so are we. Lucy was so supportive throughout the process and we can’t thank her enough. ❤️

Hannah, Robert and Albie 11 month


The things that Lucy helped us to achieve with our six month old little one’s sleep are things that I genuinely thought were impossible! We went from really frequent night wakings (every 45 mins to 2 hours) to just one or two a night (and that was after ONE day of Lucy’s support), and from our daughter being wholly reliant on me to fall asleep through feeding or cuddling, to her being able to self settle. It’s been a real game changer. We have our evenings back, our day has much more structure and we’re all getting the sleep we need. Lucy is brilliant to work with. She is encouraging, reassuring and really responsive. She has given us the knowledge and confidence to know how to manage our daughter’s sleep, which is honestly priceless. Thank you so much Lucy 😌

Hollie, Ed and Eva, 6 months


We couldn’t recommend Lucy enough - extremely supportive, knowledgeable and her method works!! It was extremely important to us that we did not use a cry it out method and Lucy’s approach was very personalised and responsive to our son’s needs and what we were comfortable with. I reached out to Lucy when I had reached the end of what I could possibly cope with. Sleep was a real battle day and night and I was exhausted. Our then 7 month old son needed to either be walked or fed to sleep each sleep cycle and these sleep associations were entrenched … or so we thought! After working with Lucy and following her tailored plan, our son can now self settle and is happy to be in his cot! He no longer needs the same sleep crutches and is sleeping much better - it was unfathomable prior to working with Lucy that we could see such a change to our lives. Everyone is happier all round! I’m not going to lie, the process is not easy and it requires hard work, dedication and committing to the process but it is well worth it and what is fantastic is the reassuring support that we got from Lucy over whatsapp and on calls. We have also learnt some invaluable skills in setting a routine and helping our son get the restorative sleep he needs. Obviously, all babies have their off days so we are armed with the skills to help him get back on track! Thank you so much Lucy.
To anyone considering whether to get some help with your baby’s sleep - DO IT! You are in completely safe hands with Lucy!

Family with Baby 6 months


"We just want to say thank you Lucy. From having a 1 year old that was awake all night we now have a happy little chap that sleeps through!

Thanks for all the advice

Thanks for all the support

Thanks for coaching

Thanks for making my baby happier!

We are so much more confident and relaxed knowing we have the skills to cope with whatever the day or night throws at us!!!"

Katie, Ali and Ace 11 months 


"We can’t recommend Lucy highly enough! She first helped us 4 years ago with our first son as he got into some tough habits (multiple night time dummy runs, habit feeding in the night and being rocked to sleep) and we were surviving on v little sleep and feeling pretty miserable.

After two weeks with Lucy (well 2 days really!) all of the old habits were gone and in their place a v happy, independent baby who slept through the night. We became two v happy and much calmer parents.

We were worried our son would be the one baby who lucy couldn’t help or the two weeks would be torture, but it was nowhere near as tough as we expected and because we knew we were doing the right thing we felt calm and in control. He was finally well rested and so much fun and these days continue as lucy left us with the knowledge we needed.

When we had our second son we worked with Lucy again before it got to crisis point to get great sleep foundations in place. She supported us to support him to be able to settle himself to sleep so no hours of rocking to sleep and gradually his nighttimes are more predictable and peaceful (no anxiety at bedtime wondering how long he will be up in the night for or waiting for him to wake up again).

It’s the most valuable thing we could have done for our little family! THANK YOU X"

Leah, Steve and Rafferty 4 months


HEADLINE - would highly recommend

"We worked with Lucy to help our 9 month old in a number of ways but the main two were;

1) to help her (and I) transition her into her own room as she’d outgrown her next to the bed crib.

2) As gently as possible help our daughter to connect her nighttime sleep cycles to enable us all to get more that 45 mins - 2.5 hours max sleep in a row.

I feel it’s important to say Lucy came highly recommended as a gentle practitioner. Im completely against cry it out methods and versions of controlled crying - I find my daughter crying very triggering so I was nervous to commit… but we needed help! Well Lucy was amazing! We opted for a full plan so the 2 weeks support (which grew to 3) and my goodness Lucy was so available for every nap and bedtime routine. It’s a 2 week process for a reason and we went from day 3 having perfect naps and A TEN HOUR SLEEP… to a few days of it all going a bit sideways. Lucy was there every step of the way. We finished with everything on the up with two first time parents feeling confident, and a baby who was sleeping beautifully.

I’ve learnt the very subtle sleep cues my baby has & the difference in her cries/shouting (shouting, practising skills, annoyed she’s not asleep, I need you now, right through to I’m bored where are you!). She now loves her big girl bed and can fall asleep without being fed or rocked to sleep!

Both my hubby and I can do any nap or nighttime put down which as a breastfeeding mum was a revelation and so lovely for her & daddy to be able to have that lovely cuddly time. If she wakes up and is not ready to face the world just yet she can now drift back off peacefully without a feed or rock back to sleep.

I’m so grateful for Lucy’s CONSTANT unwavering support but also her knowledge and the confidence it’s given us all!

Finally please know that Lucy will meet you where you are at and work closely with you and what you are comfortable with. Yes my daughter did cry and yes being consistent is tougher than I thought but not for one moment did Lucy stop us from not meeting our daughters needs straight away, or let her feel alone in this process which was so important to me.

I can’t recommend Lucy enough! Thank you!"

Sarah, Jules & baby Flo 8 months


"I couldn't recommend Lucy enough. My son was 6 months when I reached out to Lucy and expressed all my worries and concerns. He was having cat naps only and waking up 7+ times a night. Lucy really helped by setting out a routine that suited him and shared the right techniques. A week into the plan my son started sleeping throughout the night and less than 10 days in he was able to have decent quality naps. I am very grateful as it has changed our family life and my Son is even happier than usual."

Azahlia, Mahyar and Arya 6 months


We made contact with Lucy recently to help with our 2.5 year old daughter’s sleeping issues. Since birth Freya has never been a good sleeper, she was often unsettled and woke multiple times throughout the night, sometimes in a distressed state and generally unhappy in waking. We had fallen into bad habits such as giving her milk each time she woke to settle her, picking her up to comfort her, etc; a routine that we thought had gone on far too long to easily get out of.
We opted for Lucy’s “Middle package” that included a tailored plan that was provided after the initial consultation, a call at the start of the process and then daily contact via Whatsapp for advice and support, and then a final round up call.
Right from the start we found that having a clear plan of action hugely reduced the stress that was caused by Freya waking multiple times, knowing that we were following the advice of an expert made us feel we were doing the right thing for us and our daughter.
Given the length of time the issues had gone on for, we were prepared for and expecting a lengthy battle. However, the impact of the sleep training was almost immediate. Whilst it wasn’t all plain sailing and there was some regression throughout the 2 week process, with the constant support of Lucy and by strictly following the plan we now have a happy child who sleeps through the night (parents also much happier as a result!). As time has gone on Freya has now started to sleep later and later and we have recently had to start setting our own alarms again, something we haven’t had to do for a long time!
A further benefit to the improved sleep has been Freya becoming far happier and content throughout the daytime also.
We couldn’t recommend Lucy’s service highly enough, it really has been a life changer for us and our family, we just wish we’d have done it far sooner!

Jo, Alex and Freya aged 2.5 years


We used Lucy for our son who was 11 months old at the time. From the start Lucy was great - so understanding, clear in her instructions but open to our thoughts and to making changes once she got to know Oliver. It wasn’t an easy 2 weeks, with quite a lot of fight back particularly with the second nap but with Lucy’s techniques he began to love his cot, learn to self settle and he also stop using his dummy! It wasn’t an overnight change, so I would say you need to be positive and optimistic. Once the 2 weeks had ended, we had to continue to stick to the plan and preserve until we cracked it. We are now roughly 4/5 weeks since we started and Ollie is sleeping most nights 7pm-6am and can self settle if he does wake. We still need to keep working on the second nap but it’s getting easier by the day and without Lucy’s help we would still be sleep deprived and very frustrated! I would definitely recommend the full 2 week plan, if it wasn’t for Lucy’s constant support via what’s app or the phone we would of given up.

Emily, Tom and Oliver 10 months


We contacted Lucy in August of this year as our nine month old baby girl was waking quite often during the night to breastfeed and could not settle for naps or bedtime independently! Lucy was great from the word go! After filling in a questionnaire, Lucy devised a plan that was suitable for us to follow with our daughter! We followed the plan strictly as Lucy advised us to do and two weeks later we saw a different child who could go down in her cot independently without any milk! Our baby girl sleeps through the night now, something we never thought we’d see and it’s all thanks to Lucy! We would highly recommend her to anyone who is sleep deprived with their little one or who is finding it very difficult to put their baby down to bed without prompts! Thank you so much Lucy,

Ray, Klara and Mila aged 9 months


I couldn't recommend Lucy enough. My son was 6 months when I reached out to Lucy and expressed all my worries and concerns. He was having cat naps only and waking up 7+ times a night. Lucy really helped by setting out a routine that suited him and shared the right techniques. A week into the plan my son started sleeping throughout the night and less than 10 days in he was able to have decent quality naps. I am very grateful as it has changed our family life and my Son is even happier than usual 💙 ☺

Azalia, Mahyar, and Arya aged 6 months


We worked with Lucy around 15 months ago when our daughter was 9 months old. We had been struggling with her sleep for a while and got to a point where she was waking 3-4 times a night and needing feeding back to sleep each time. She really couldn’t self settle and getting her to sleep for naps and bed time was a real long drawn out process. Lucy was so supportive and very quickly after discussing our situation, she had drawn us up a bespoke plan. We opted for the package that’s included 2 weeks of WhatsApp support so we never felt alone and she was on hand for naps and bedtime. The approach was gentle and reassuring for both our daughter and us. It was intense at times but it was the best thing we’ve ever done for our daughter….. and us! By the end of the 2 weeks she had dropped all of her nighttime feeds apart from one at around 4.30/5am but as soon as she’d fed I could just put her back in her cot and she’d self settle back to sleep. Within another couple of weeks she had dropped that feed and would sleep 6.30- 6.30/7. I can honestly say, she has slept through/ self settled herself back to sleep every single night since! I can’t believe the difference it made and now at almost 2 years old, she continues to be a fantastic napper and night time sleeper. It was best money we ever spent and can’t recommend Lucy highly enough!

Lydia, Darren and Isla 8 months


We contacted Lucy to help us with Max’s sleep as he was completely dependant on us to rock or feed him to sleep for naps and at night. We were exhausted and didn’t know how to best teach Max how to soothe himself to sleep.

He would wake multiple times throughout the night and would need to be fed to sleep each time he woke up. Lucy was kind, compassionate and very patient with us throughout the time we worked with her. She supported us in implementing the changes for Max as gently as possible. We had ups and downs and it was difficult to keep our enthusiasm going with it at times, but when we understood that we were teaching him the skill of sleeping it became a less stressful process.

We are very pleased to say that we have gone from co-sleeping and Max being 100% dependant on us for sleep to a baby who happily is left in his cot, in his own room and gets himself to sleep! We honestly didn’t think it would be possible for him to fall asleep by himself, but he does!

We are working on making the naps longer now and reducing the night feeds even more (now down to 2), but these feel like manageable and achievable goals thanks to Lucy.

She was on hand to answer our questions and gave us quick and flexible solutions to how Max was responding to the technique, meaning that we always felt supported and had our own personal cheerleader throughout the process to keep us going.

She has truly helped us to transform our lives which has benefitted Max enormously and we are much better parents for it! Thank you Lucy.

Zoe, Hugh and Max 5.5 months


“It’s like having Nanny McPhee on the end of Whatsapp. Lucy is so knowledgeable, passionate and amazing at what she does!
If we're totally honest we were both at the point of nearly having a breakdown with our baby's sleep when we were recommended Lucy by a fellow adopter. We adopted our baby at 7 months old and so she wasn’t used to self settling and could only go to sleep with a bottle and then being rocked for hours on someone. With most night invariably ending in a screaming match every time we tried to put her down.
We started off trying the written plan (Email Only) Lucy provided to see if we could make that work but then soon realised that we needed the 1-to-1 support too.
On paper initially we thought the package seemed expensive, but actually when you work out it's only £25 per day for the two weeks support from Lucy with her permanently available on the end of WhatsApp (even in the evenings), it's amazing. And trust me you need it when you’ve spent hours in a darkened room with a screaming toddler and you’re at your wits end and have tried everything!! 
It’s helped us get our lives back slowly and as our baby came with trauma Lucy’s adapted the programme to suit her until we’ve finally got to stage 4. 

Yes stage 4, actually putting our baby down and walking out of the room and her going to sleep on her own.
The programme and Lucy's calm and supportive advice has enabled us to grow in confidence and understand our baby and her behaviour. So we actually kind of know what we're doing now.

I couldn't recommend Lucy highly enough.”

Mr & Mrs Foster, Tring


We would 100% recommend Lucy. After struggling with our daughters sleep for months on end we decided to contact Lucy after she was recommended to us by a friend. We had fallen into some bad habits and felt totally lost at how to move forward. We decided the two week sleep transformation programme was the best option for us and straight away Lucy made us feel at ease. I’ll admit I wasn’t initially confident we would get there but by sticking to the plan and listening to Lucy our daughter was sleeping through before the two weeks were up! It felt amazing. Lucy has helped us update our bedtime routine and given us the confidence to calmly handle any occasional wake ups  with no drama. Thank you Lucy!

Phyllida, Thomas and Esme 19 months


Robyn’s 30 min power naps barely gave me time for a cup of tea. She’d always slept so well at night so I shrugged it off… until the 18 month sleep regression hit! The daily power naps were followed by 3-4 wake ups during the night and an early start of 4:45am!! In a moment of desperation, I reached out to Lucy for 2 week sleep plan. Within 3 days Robyn had achieved a PB (a 2 hrs 45 mins nap!!) and slept through the night again (waking up at a slightly more sociable 6am!). Lucy was on hand for a pep-talk after every nap-time routine, and coached us through the tears and failed attempts. I was slightly sceptical at first, but Lucy’s support has been life changing! Thank you!

Hannah, Jack and Robyn 19 months


My friends recommended Lucy for sleep training my little one (as I would complain about his wakeups, inconsistent napping, inability to self settle, and so on!) and for many months I refused to believe that it would work on my strong willed boy, until one day we decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. I am so happy to say that I couldn’t have been more wrong! Within 2 days of starting the program, our 17 month old had learnt to self settle, and by the end of the program he went from one short nap a day to 2 really good naps a day! We also saw a real positive change in his mood, because he was now well rested. From the very start, Lucy was so friendly and incredibly supportive, always there if we had any questions. I would highly recommend Lucy, I just wish I started the program much sooner!

Krupa, James and Ethan 17 months


We first contacted Lucy when our daughter was just over a year and waking every 40 mins in the night. We were exhausted and I couldn’t imagine how I would ever be able to go back to work. We 100% committed to the programme, and it was tough but Lucy guided us through it. One week in, and I thought it wouldn’t work but we were totally rigid with the plan. I started to think no one could help us, but on day 11 our daughter finally did it! It was like a switch had gone on. I honestly could not believe it, she was napping and sleeping through the night. So all I would say is stick with it, keep speaking with Lucy. It might feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall, but it will work. You will see reviews about some kids sleeping 2 days into the programme. Just remember we didn’t see it work until day 11, so stick with it, and once you start sleeping it will all be worth it!

Helen, Hector 13 months 


I first contacted Lucy when my second son was a couple of months old. We were struggling with a refluxy baby who didn’t like to be put down in his cot and as much as I enjoyed the cuddles, it’s just wasn’t sustainable with a toddler around at the same time. Lucy talked through her Newborn Guide and gave us lots of advice around how to implement the guidance in it. It was succinct and easy to follow with great advice. It helped us lay excellent foundations which eased my son into being able to settle himself in his own cot which happened in a calm and stress free way. I truly believe if we hadn’t been following Lucy’s newborn guidance, this transition would have been much more stressful for all. I would highly recommend this guide from Lucy!

Sarah, 8 week old baby boy- Newborn Sleep Guide


Can’t recommend Lucy enough. My 2.5 year old had never slept well, taking hours to get to sleep at bed time, waking multiple times every night and needing me as a comforter to fall asleep. Lucy came up with a personalized routine and was on hand for support and advice whenever I needed it. Finlay now self settles, falls asleep in less than 5 mins and will either sleep through or only wake once. I was not a fan of sleep training as I never wanted my child to feel ‘abandoned’ however Lucy uses a gentle method which Finlay took to very well and we had almost no tears throughout the whole process!

Thanks Lucy!

Emily, Finn 2.5 years 


We heard about Lucy thru a friend, I was worried it was 'too late' with our 2 year old. Lucy was detailed in putting together a plan for our girl that was age and personally appropriate. She guided us the whole way through for 2 weeks and its changed our families lives. Our baby girl now sleeps 11-12 hours every night through the night in her own cot. Lucy was gentle and so caring, couldn't recommend you enough Lucy- and  THANK YOU!!! x

Maia, Dom and Arlo 2 years 


This is the second time we have used Lucy’s services as our second baby had different sleep issues to our first. Even though we had done this before I found it hard to know what to do due to having an older child and also just being so exhausted that I took the easier options! We started this time as soon as she was old enough at 16 weeks and again it has been life changing! She’s only 4 months old and sleeps through the night, and we now just put her down & walk out for all naps and she gets herself off to sleep. We have evenings, more time for both of them AND time for us!! It just goes to show it doesn’t have to be so hard or for so long. We have 2 good sleepers and very happy & thriving children. Couldn’t recommend Lucy enough & anyone who feels they can’t go back a second time or more please do! It’s money so well spent. Thanks so much Lucy, you have literally changed all our lives for the better.

Andrea, Tim, Everley & Esme 4 months


We used Lucy earlier on this year for our 4 month old, bed sharing, feed to sleep, wake up many times a night little boy. From the first day he managed to self settle himself and now sleeps in his cot for naps and at night time, managing to self settle himself back to sleep. The change this has had to our lives and relationship has been massive. My family all refer to Lucy as magical and I'd tend to agree! x

Beth and Hank 5 months 


We have just finished the ‘2 week sleep training transformation’ and it really has transformed our lives. Before we started, our 5 month was waking 5+ times a night, I was feeding to sleep and he refused to nap in his cot. However by day 2, life as we had known it for the past 5 months had changed for the better. Our son was asleep in his own room by 7pm and he was now going down for naps and bedtime fully awake and with NO tears! I couldn’t believe it! I could finally say the magic words “he sleeps through the night”. Lucy is a sleep wizard and I can’t recommend her enough!

Jill, Chris and Harrison 5 months 


Lucy is a very highly recommended! I’d got into bad habits with my seven-month-old son, letting him sleep on me for naps, rocking/feeding him to sleep and bringing him to bed with me at night. He was unable to self-settle, couldn’t nap longer than 20 mins unless I held him, he was still waking in the night for milk and he was very reliant on his dummy. The situation wasn’t great for either of us. After our initial phone call and consultation, Lucy put together a plan that we stuck to over two weeks, with gentle techniques that meant no major distress for the baby (or me!). I won’t lie, it wasn’t always easy and it takes a lot of commitment, but Lucy is there (via WhatsApp) every step of the way with encouragement and advice. By the end of the two weeks, my son was settling himself in his cot for naps and at bedtime. He no longer has a dummy or night feed and more often than not, he sleeps through for 11-12 hours a night! He also naps very well in his cot and self settles when he wakes. He’s now almost 11 months and we still follow the routine. It feels like nothing short of a miracle! Lucy is worth every penny and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Beth, Ali, Finley 7 months 


We can not thank Lucy enough after years of trying to get my daughter to sleep and having no success we turned to Lucy,her calm lovely ways got my daughter sleeping in her own bed and through the night which I never thought was possible. this lady is totally brilliant x

Kirsty, Lee and Etta age 5


Lucy is absolutely brilliant. I saw how highly she had been recommended and thought I’d give a 2 week plan a go. I was so exhausted from being up with my 4 month old 4-5 times a night, battling to get him to sleep and stay asleep at night and in naps and resorting to feeding him to sleep that I needed things to change. I was sceptical about the plan but the change was absolutely amazing. After just a few days my baby was getting himself to sleep for naps and settling himself back to sleep if he woke within them. At night he went from multiple feeds to one feed and was able to go back to sleep by himself if he woke. Lucy was amazing throughout, constantly reassuring and supporting me, giving me the confidence to execute the plan. I’m so grateful to her and would recommend anyone struggling with sleep to talk to her. It’s been a miracle - we’re all happier getting more sleep and my 3 year old daughter is much happier having more time to play with mummy! Thank you Lucy!!

Emily, Will and Henry 4 months


We contacted Lucy a year ago when our then 9 month old was waking early and a year later got back in touch when we’d had months of 4am and 5am starts. We were exhausted and he was struggling to get through the morning to his lunchtime nap, and a bit desperate to get it sorted though I felt strangely nervous officially starting a sleep plan for the pressure of not cracking it.
Needless to say Lucy was so kind, patient with my questions and shared an email sleep plan promptly.
The first day was tough but within three days our little boy was sleeping past 6am and happily staying in his cot if awake.
It‘s made such a huge difference. We all start the day happier, with more energy and we couldn’t thank Lucy enough.
I’d highly recommend you get in touch if you need some help getting your little one to sleep!

Kate, Ben and Nate 9 months (Nov'19)


Lucy, thank you!!!!!!
After your help when Penelope was 5 months old, and a re visit to your telephone advice this week we are over the moon that Penelope is now sleeping in her own bed and going to sleep on her own! As you know Penelope is 3 now so it’s great you could help us again now she is older.

In just 3 nights we have seen a huge improvement for having to stay with her to settle her and with multiple times up in the night to going to sleep by herself and sleeping through. We are so thankful for your advice which gave us the confidence to improve her sleep.

Thomas, Maria and Penelope now 3 years 


Our 6 month old was waking 1-2 times in the night for a bottle and bedtimes could be quite stressful with him being overtired and upset. So we followed the plan that Lucy put together for us and after only a few days (with some perseverance and sticking to the plan) we saw considerable improvement and for the past week Jed has slept from 7pm-7am and his naps are also much better. :-)
Definitely recommend Lucy if you are having sleep issues with your little one! x

Naomi, Andrew and Jed 6 months 


I can't recommend Lucy enough! We got in touch when our son was just turning 6 months. He was a serial cat napper, wouldn't sleep for more than 30 mins in thevday and nights, well they weren't easy either. We had got into a habit of feeding him to sleep and bringing him into our bed. He would wake multiple times a night and noone was getting any sleep. We had also resorted to a dummy in the early days and our evenings consisted of running up and down the stairs to put it in.

I saw a post on Facebook recommending Lucy and got in touch. After an initial call we decided to go ahead with the two week plan. When we read the sleep plan we never believed that we would be able to not only ditch the dummy and put our son in his own room, but that he would also sleep longer than 30 mins in the day and long stretches over night. How wrong were we!

The dummy was gone with no issues after one nap and on the first night our son slept in his room the entire night with just one feed! As the two weeks went on, we had ups and downs, but Lucy was always there to offer support and a voice of reason when we thought we were going backwards.

We now have our evenings back, we all get sleep and our son can self settle without us there. We can even put him in his cot and walk away for naps and bedtime and he happily puts himself to sleep. He is much happier in the day as he's not constantly overtired and the whole family has benefited, including our 4yr old daughter who was often left to her own devices while we battled with getting an overtired unhappy baby to sleep.

Thank you Lucy! X

Stephanie, Roger and Oliver 6 months 


With our son turning 2 years old and with us probably having just 5 full nights sleep since he was born , we knew it was finally time to seek help. We contacted Lucy and she got straight back to us straight away, reassuring us that we weren’t on our own and that we could get a full nights sleep again! 
Admittedly we were alittle skeptical of the routine at first as it seemed we were going backwards not forwards but suddenly everything just clicked and with alittle hard work and persistence ( and tears!) we made it! 
3 months on and we haven’t looked back- our son now sleeps through the night ( almost 12 hours!) and although can be tricky at times- today for instance he’s refusing his nap , we know how to read him and adjust our routine to suit. 
I couldn’t recommend Lucy enough - in fact , I’ve already passed on her number to a couple of friends - thank you Lucy! x

Kate, Mikey and Stanley 2 years 


"I can’t say enough good things about Lucy. Lucy was recommended to me by a friend and I contacted her when my baby (Jude) was about 5 months old. He had been sleeping quite well up until 4 months, but around that time he went from waking twice a night to waking every 1-2 hours. And he would only ever nap for 30 minutes in the carrier, which was getting exhausting since I also had two older sons to look after. Jude was also clearly not doing well as he was so sleep deprived, he was really unhappy all day.

Lucy put together a two week sleep plan for us. It was great because it was a much gentler way of getting him used to sleeping in his cot rather than controlled crying, which I didn’t really want to do. And having Lucy there to contact for support over the two weeks was so important - I definitely would have given up after the first couple of days otherwise! She was always so supportive and encouraging that Jude was doing well and would get there. And he did!! By day 3 he took a two hour nap in his cot! I actually couldn’t believe it. I felt like
I would cry with happiness. I was convinced he would never get better. He then pretty quickly went from waking 5-7 times a night to waking only twice, and then dropped down to one feed a night on his own after a few weeks. He’s almost 11 months now and he happily goes into his cot for bedtime and naps. His naps have been great since then and will usually sleep an hour in the morning and 2+ hours in the afternoon, and I get to put my feet up and have a cup of tea in the day. And he is a much happier baby now he’s getting the sleep he needs. 
I was always a bit wary of sleep training before this as I thought it would be too traumatic for the baby. But we did it in a way that he was never left alone to cry and it worked very quickly and I really think it was the best thing for him (and for the rest of the family). Thank you Lucy!"

Alice and Jude 5.5 months 


I contacted Lucy after finding her on google, I read the reviews and decided to give the free consultation call a go. I really liked how warm and confident Lucy was, I felt she understood my situation and was confident she could get my 7 month old son sleeping better. We started the sleep plan on a Monday and had prepared myself for tears, from both me and my son, as although Lucy was very adamant that I soothe and cuddle my son if he got upset he’s never actually been put down to nap before during the day and would spend hours on my lap wanting to feed continuously. BUT I couldn’t believe it, from nap one he seemed to love the routine I followed from the plan. There was a bit of a moan; but he fell asleep within 15 minutes. I was in shock!!

The rest of the two weeks went like a dream, I realised I was always keeping him awake for too long between naps and as soon as I narrowed that gap he napped brilliantly. Even more importantly for me (and my husband) he also started sleeping through the night from night 2 and he hasn’t looked back. I just feel terrible that I didn’t get his sleep sorted sooner! He’s a different baby, he laughs and smiles all the time at anyone and I know that even if we miss a nap now or have a bad day everything is going to be ok. I cannot thank you enough Lucy. X

Amanda, Charlie and Rory aged 7 months 


Our daughter was 4 and a half months old and would only sleep by being breast fed or rocked to sleep. I would spend hours upstairs trying to get my youngest to sleep, missing out on time with my eldest daughter.
We did the 2 week plan with Lucy and on the first day we really struggled. Willow was crying lots, I was crying lots, but with Lucy's constant support, she quashed our doubts and made sure we were consistent. At the end of the day Willow fell asleep quickly in her crib on her own. After the first day wobbles, we followed the plan and were constantly in touch with Lucy. Willow got the hang of falling asleep on her own quite quickly. We had a few step backs, but Lucy supported us and helped us to keep being consistent. Within a few days Willow was like a different baby, she was less grizzly as she wasn't over tired and enjoyed being in her crib. We are really thankful for Lucy's help as really don't know what we would have done with out her help, Willow naps regularly, sleeps longer at night and is such a happy baby.
Lucy has continued to answer queries after the 2 week sleep plan, as Willow has grown and sleep needs have changed, which has been amazing!

Sarah, Martin and Willow aged 4.5 months 


I was recommended Lucy by a very close friend. My daughter is 11 months and slept so well until about 8 months. Then from 8 months onwards she would wake through the night, we put it down to teething and made the mistake of letting her fall asleep on us and moving her into the cot when asleep for both naps and nighttime. Often we would also try giving her milk to settle her back to sleep. This continued and at 10 months this wasn’t sustainable as we were exhausted from continuous broken sleep and constantly struggling to put her into her cot. When we thought she would be asleep and would put her into her cot she would wake again. At this point, I contacted Lucy.....

We initially tried the email only plan however it was evident that more support was needed to break the sleep nightmare and we started the 2 week support package. This was the start of ‘goodbye dummy and sleepyhead’ too.

The first week was a rollercoaster, so many hours spent in a dark room; some naps were successful, others a complete disaster. Some naps took over 2.5 hours to achieve. However we stuck at it. After 3 days, she slept all night and we thought “great this could be it” but no, the next night she was awake for 2 hours. These 2 hour wake ups during the night continued for probably 4/ 5 days and we just didn’t know how to break them. Lucy was amazing, continuously encouraging us even when we thought we were at breaking point as these 2 weeks felt like months. Then 10 days in she slept all night, the following night the same and the next night. We couldn’t believe it we had broken it 😀

She now happily goes into her cot and falls asleep. We honestly cannot believe the change in 2 weeks. The 2 week programme was intense and very hard; emotionally draining too. But, I never would have thought we could put her down and walk out of the room without any distress. She sleeps for 12 hours and it has changed our dynamic as a family. We cannot thank and recommend Lucy enough.

Louise, James and Margot aged 10 months 



We were literally at our wits end with our little girl Ava. She was sleeping like a dream albeit with a late feed but as soon as that got cut at around 8months it turned her into some sort of creature that would wake every 2hrs for 2hrs all night, every night. She would never sleep unless she was cuddled, be overtired during the day and impossible to deal with.

Enter Lucy - highly recommended by a good friend of mine. She was so lovely, understanding and told me she was confident her technique would work. She wrote us a plan which was so simple to follow.

We call Lucy a baby sleep wizard! It’s like magic! Literally by the second night Ava slept a full 12hrs and now sleeps through the night (ON HER OWN) from 8pm to 8am every day and my anxiety about those horrific nights is no more.

We cannot recommend Lucy enough - she has really helped us 😊

Erny, Darren and Ava aged 8 months 

Lucy was really helpful in aiding us get a proper routine into our 20 month old daughter’s disruptive nights - after two weeks (and swapping a sleeping baggie for a duvet in the cot) Lucy’s direction now means we have consistently uninterrupted nights... it’s truly a revelation! Thanks so much. X

Jo, James and Sophie aged 19 months 


'Our 8 month old struggled with sleep since she was about 3 months old. Whether she was fed to sleep, had the dummy in or was walked in the pram or carrier, sleep rarely lasted longer than 30 minutes in the day or 1-2 hours at night. My husband and I were both sleep deprived, stressed out and I felt it was affecting my relationship with my daughter. My husband and I could not agree on what to do- I was very anti cry it out and he felt it was our only option after trying multiple techniques (and having a failed attempt at getting her sleeping with another sleep consultant). We heard about Lucy from a friend who recommended her and said it sounded like she might be the compromise we needed.

Lucy’s plan was clear, concise and it never felt that we couldn’t support our daughter when she needed it. It has been tough at times and we still have some way to go with her sleep but we now have a baby that can go to sleep independently (which is something I never thought possible!) and sleeps from 7pm-6am most nights! It most certainly wouldn’t have been possible without Lucy as I would have given up. Her constant words of reassurance and encouragement kept us going and she always reply’s promptly so that you are not left guessing what to do next.

Certainly money well spent and we highly recommend Lucy’s sleep services to anyone wanting their lives back from their little sleep thieves!'

Laura, Matt and Maggie  aged 7 months


'Prior to working with Lucy, our 8 month old son had never been able to sleep independently or stay asleep independently, meaning that from birth, we had to feed, rock, walk him in the sling/carrier or drive him around in the car to get him to sleep. Despite trying to put him in his cot for naps, he would never settle and would scream and fight them for hours which was highly distressing for him and us. While the daytime nap situation wasn’t ideal, nights were worse with him waking up every ‪1-2 hrs‬ and needing to be fed back to sleep. In addition to multiple wake-ups every night, he would also sometimes wake up and be wide awake for hours in the middle of the night. When this happened, no amount of feeding/rocking would work to get him to go back to sleep. Because he had been this way from birth I honestly thought that this was just ‘how he was’ and that there was nothing that could be done.

Inevitably though I reached breaking point. I was exhausted and my son was seriously unhappy. I’d read thar babies his age ‘should’ be sleeping for about 15 hours in a 24 period but our son was sometimes only having 4-6 hrs of broken sleep at night and 1 and a half hrs of broken sleep in the day, looking back, I’m not surprised he was so unhappy.

Despite seeing other friends have success with sleep training I honestly wasn’t sure it would be for us. I had read scary stories about some consultants advocating the ‘cry it out’ approach or telling women they would need to stop breastfeeding in order to get their babies to sleep for longer periods. However, after a chat to a friend who had previously worked with and recommended Lucy, it was clear that her techniques were different and were both gentle and supportive.

I arranged a phone call with her and instantly loved how kind, caring and knowledgeable she was. She quickly reassured me that breastfed babies absolutely *can* sleep for long periods and that babies our son’s age should also be able to sleep through the night! To be honest, I was really sceptical that our son was even capable of sleeping for longer than 2 hours but I started our plan and committed to following it for two weeks.

When we received the plan we were both relieved to see how gentle the techniques were and that we would start off being totally by our son’s side at nap and bed time. While the first day, the daytime naps didn’t exactly go to plan, that very first night he slept the entire night without needing me to soothe him back to sleep. We quite simply could not believe it and kept having to check on him just to make sure he was okay. We obviously didn’t want to get too excited too soon, but we carried on with the plan and after a few days he was happily napping in his cot in the day for up to two hours at a time and sleeping ‪from 7pm-6/7am‬, sometimes needing *us* to wake *him* up.

I have honestly gone from being the most sceptical person to the biggest advocate of sleep training ever - well, the biggest advocate of Lucy’s techniques anyway :). Our son is so much brighter now and between naps will just happily play or sit and be read to. He is also eating more solids and has finally cut his first teeth! While, ironically, it took me longer than our son to actually learn to sleep through the night again, feeling rested has made me a happier Mummy too. Before our plan, I would rush around constantly trying fit in four car/sling naps as well as do everything else us Mummies need to do daily. Now, instead of spending the day driving up and down the A41 or walking around our neighbourhood with a foggy head, I use nap times to do the household jobs, prepare my baby’s meals and dare I say it, sometimes just have some ‘me’ time. This has also meant that when my baby is awake I can be fully present with him so we can just play, read, cuddle etc. It’s just lovely and exactly how I imagined maternity leave would be.

To sum up, working with Lucy has honestly changed our lives and I now feel I can enjoy these last few months with my son before going back to work. Thanks to our sleep plan, I now know our son CAN sleep and not only that, that he enjoys it and craves it. Without calling Lucy i’m confident that we’d all still be pretty miserable and tired! While I think I’ve made it pretty clear in this review that I couldn’t recommend Lucy more highly, if you’re in need of help, I implore you to give her a call. She is wonderful and will be with you every step of the way via text or on the phone.

Thank you again Lucy.'

Faye, Mark and Stanley aged 8 months 


'Lucy is just incredible! Our baby used to have short random day naps, would refuse to go to sleep until 11pm most nights and used to snack the whole day through and go crazy in the evenings with overtiredness. Lucy transformed her whole routine into the ideal 7pm-7am sleep with longer and more predictable day naps. She did all this in a matter of a couple of weeks (in fact we started getting results in the first couple of days)! She is so knowledgeable, approachable, patient and positive and responds really quickly so you’re never left wondering what to do next. Even if it has gone a bit wrong that day, she will have next steps ready and won’t be negative or judge. We now have a much happier home life as we’re all getting some time to ourselves and better sleep all round. Basically if you’re thinking about asking Lucy for help do not hesitate - it will be the best money you’ve ever spent! Thanks again Lucy! X'

Lindsey, Pete and Chloe aged 5 months 


Lucy was very supportive, unobtrusive and a miracle worker! When I was at my lowest as I was getting very little sleep, she listened and gave me the assistance I desperately needed. Our little girl is not just getting the sleep she needs now but she is like a different child. We were getting worried about her health as she was so exhausted, but now she has tonnes of energy! The whole house is happier. I don't know what we would have done had it not been for Lucy's help. We will always be grateful.

Becca, James and Alyssa aged 6 months


Our 7 month old little boy, Harrison literally never slept (from birth!), he would sleep 3 hours at night then would wake up playing for an hour and a half and it would always be an ordeal to try and get him back to sleep, he eventually would go to sleep but only for two hours then up again and this would repeat all night. This was the same thing every single night and my partner and I were just at our wits end! We had tried so many different things to try and get him to sleep and for longer but we were unable to. We were both absolutely knackered and just couldn’t gone on like this anymore.

We were recommended Lucy through a friend and thought let’s just go for it as nothing else has worked and we felt like this was the last resort!

We contacted Lucy and we had a chat with her she was so friendly, understanding and confident that her technique would work and we had told her how stubborn he is and that we literally were counting on her to get him to sleep (not much pressure!) so we started the plan a few days later and although it didn’t get off to a good start as Harrison had a cold and was teething he was not liking this new regime but we had to be strong and follow Lucy’s plan. Lucy was always at the end of the phone which was a great help and support for us to know that we are doing the right thing and to ask questions etc. After a few days Harrison was getting better at napping and sleeping longer at night (some nights he woke for an hour or so but nothing like before) by the second week he was sleeping even longer and then through the night! We were in absolute shock!

We have continued this routine and Harrison is sleeping through the night and he pretty much goes to sleep straight away without any protest! This has literally changed our lives (I know that sounds drastic but it’s true!) we can now enjoy our evenings and have a decent nights sleep which we’ve not had since he was born!

We can not recommend Lucy high enough! I just wish we did this sooner! Thank you Lucy!

Natialie and Harrison aged 7 months


Lucy is a miracle-worker & we couldn't be more grateful to her. After 9 months of our little boy waking 2+ times each night & relying on numerous sleep-props to get him to sleep in the first place (fed-to-sleep/dummy/cuddling/rocking/singing … ), he has been sleeping through since day 3 of Lucy's programme! We couldn't and still can't believe the change - he no longer needs us or a dummy to help settle him, he's now able to do it all by himself. Our evenings are now ours to enjoy & we're getting a solid 7+ hours sleep a night, which has made such a difference to us all!
As everyone has said - we can't thank Lucy enough. Her approach was very gentle & tailored exactly to what you & your baby need. She has a wealth of knowledge and was always there for support & motivation just when you need it (particularly in those early days when you're wondering if they're ever going to fall asleep on their own!). If I have 1 regret, it would be not getting in touch with Lucy sooner! Thank you SO much, we'll be eternally grateful to you. 
Ellie, Rob, Arthur & Ted aged 9 Months 


We could not recommend Lucy enough! Our daughter was four months when we started sleep training with Lucy as she would only sleep if my wife or I were holding her. As soon as we put her down she would immediately wake and scream - after a few months of this we were exhausted. Lucy devised a schedule and some techniques for us, which admittedly we were sceptical when we first read them. However, Lucy was incredibly patient and confident in what she was telling us. Whilst the first day or two were hard, having Lucy on Whatsapp 24/7 to help guide us through what seemed like some long rough days made such a difference and by day three, Quinn was sleeping in her cot on her own. We were hands free and had no idea what to do with ourselves. It has given us our freedom back, not to mention some more sleep! We are much more confident in getting Quinn to sleep now and she also seems much happier and content in herself. Even our family have noticed how much happier she is. We have been recommending Lucy to all our friends!

Steve, Anita and Quinn aged 4 months 


We got in touch with Lucy as our 6 & a half month old daughter Everley was up several times during the night & it would often take an hour or two of rocking etc to get her back to sleep. She also hated napping and it was a big stressful battle to get her to sleep at all during the day. This all lead to her becoming increasingly agitated & sleep deprived (not to mention us!). She was also dependent on a dummy to sleep which of course meant constant trips to put it back in for her at night.

Lucy devised a two week plan for us with a staggered approach and it has been ingenious. Although I found the first day tough, it was a very kind way of teaching her to self soothe. She now only wakes for one feed in the night (she’s still little) and often sleeps through. She naps like a dream twice a day and I can just put her down and she gets herself to sleep. No rocking, bouncing, shhing or dummy. She has grown, her hair has grown and she has 4 more teeth! She’s a far happier baby and we’re less stressed parents. I never thought it possible that she would sleep this much. I can’t tell you how much life has improved and how grateful we are. Best money we’ve spent!

Andrea, Tim & Everley 6.5 months 


We got in touch with Lucy as our 4 month old was still waking frequently through the night, could never break through sleep cycles for daytime naps and was heavily reliant on his dummy. The dummy had become a really negative sleep aid for him and he wasn’t able to self soothe when he woke up in the night. From day 1 of starting Lucy’s sleep training programme he was sleeping through the night! He now has 3 naps a day and is no longer reliant on a dummy as he can self soothe. Lucy was incredibly reactive and supportive throughout the process and gave us the confidence to achieve our goal. Easily the best money we’ve spent on our baby!

Holly, Lee and Arlo aged 5 months 


We have just used Lucy for our 7 month old little boy, recommended to us by someone else local who had used her with great success.
We opted for the 2 week support plan as I had already bought books, a Facebook plan and googled the hell out of all sleep related tips and tricks and none of it had worked, so felt I needed a bit more support.
Our little boy was never a good sleeper at night, but an OK napper (with help from the car/pram), but things got even worse when he was 3.5months old. He went from waking 2-4 times a night and 30minute catnaps, to within 2 nights on the plan sleeping through from 7pm to 7am, quite frankly a miracle!! He also developed much better nap habits and broke the 30min catnap cycle, allowing me to have some much needed downtime too. 
Lucy was always on hand for reassurance and to keep you going, and if naps went wrong she was there to suggest how to go on from there. 
When you’ve had barely any sleep for 6 months you can’t put a price on sleep, but I think Lucy’s plan was a bargain anyway. We can’t thank you enough Lucy

Becca, Justin and Finn 6.5 months 


'My wife and I used Lucy’s 2 weeks plan with a view of improving our daughters sleep routine. Our daughter was 11 months when we started the plan and had never slept through the night, regularly waking between 5-9 times. Admittedly we where both a little apprehensive about going ahead with it as we couldn’t see it to be possible that we could achieve such significant changes in such a short period of time - how wrong we were!

Our daughter now sleeps a solid 12 hours a night and we can’t thank Lucy enough for all the help and constant support she gave us throughout the process. We couldn’t have done this without you Lucy!

Our only regret is that we didn’t get in contact with Lucy sooner!'

Alex, Emma and Mila 12 months


'Lucy was recommended to us by a friend as we were really struggling to get our one year old daughter to sleep without us getting up 4 times a night or her ending up in our bed. She wouldn’t go back to sleep unless she was rocked by my husband and if that didn’t work, she always had to go on the breast. Lucy pulled together a great plan for us, it was a gentle approach so we felt we could cope with it and if we were finding it tough then she was on hand to get us through it and keep us strong. After just a few days, Evie was sleeping through the night and actually napping in her cot (which we never thought would happen!) and now we can just put her down, leave the room and she’ll get herself to sleep. If she stirs or wakes she can self soothe so we rarely have to go to her (unless she’s feeling under the weather). Lucy we cannot thank you enough, this has been life changing for us - we now feel confident we could get a babysitter in, we can have friends over for dinner without panicking and we’re able to actually function at work during the day having had a full nights sleep! Amazing!! xx'

Georgina, Andrew and Evelyn 14 months

From the outset Lucy was confident that she could get us to a place where our son would sleep through the night and nap times would break the dreaded 40 minute barrier! Even though we knew we'd got stuck in bad habits, there was never any judgement, only positivity and encouragement. 
The plan Lucy created was clear and easy to follow, but her help day by day was the key to building our confidence. She strikes the perfect balance of professionalism and approachability.

Now after two weeks Asher is confident to sleep through the night without his dummies and without us! The whole family is getting the rest we so desperately needed! Thank you Lucy!

Kathryn and Asher 14 months

'I contacted Lucy regarding my 10 month old who had never slept through the night from birth and also my 3 year old who was a great sleeper but took a huge leap back with constant wake-ups, nightmares and insecurity issues at bedtime. Although the program is still ongoing with my 3 year old, we have seen major improvements in his bedtime routine. The changes with my 10 month old are quite unbelievable. He slept through the night from day 1 of the program, has ditched his dummy and he is a more happy baby! Happy baby happy mummy!! Thanks again Lucy for your patience, understanding and reassurance xx'

Mandy, Craig, Max 3 years and Ollie 10 months

'We got in touch with Lucy following a recommendation from a friend. Our 10 month old daughter was still waking to be fed 2-3 times a night and reliant on a dummy to fall asleep. Lucy provided us with a plan to follow and incredible support. Our daughter is now self settling, napping well and sleeping through the night and we could not be happier that we contacted Lucy for help.'

Suzy, Nathan and Millie 10 months 

'Best thing I ever did! After 7 1/2 months of no sleep and trying every method going I almost gave up! I never thought I would sleep again. After 2 weeks of continued planning, support and guidance from Lucy my 8 month old son now sleeps fantastically- including through the night! '

Amy, Ryan and Teddy 7 months 

We got in touch with Lucy following a recommendation from a friend. Our 10 month old daughter was still waking to be fed 2-3 times a night and reliant on a dummy to fall asleep. Lucy provided us with a plan to follow and incredible support. Our daughter is now self settling, napping well and sleeping through the night and we could not be happier that we contacted Lucy for help.

Suzy, Nathan, and Mille aged 10 months 

I contacted Lucy after 11 months of trialing and failing so many different techniques to get our little one to sleep. Lucy's programme was effective from day 1 and our little boy who has always fort sleep and never slept in his cot for naps/bedtime without being held or cuddled and waking up 6/7 times a night now goes down for every nap and bedtime without a fight! It's changed our lives and he is so much happier. Lucy was incredibly patient and was there every step of the way, supporting us through the challenges that came up. It was hard the first few days but we got through it and now have a baby that sleeps well in the day and all through the night! Thank you so much Lucy! X

Jade, Paul and Finley aged 11 months

I contacted Lucy regarding my 10 month old who had never slept through the night from birth and also my 3 year old who was a great sleeper but took a huge leap back with constant wake-ups, nightmares and insecurity issues at bedtime. Although the programme is still ongoing with my 3 year old, we have seen major improvements in his bedtime routine. The changes with my 10 month old are quite unbelievable. He slept through the night from day 1 of the programme, has ditched his dummy and he is a more happy baby! Happy baby happy mummy!! � Thanks again Lucy for your patience, understanding and reassurance xx

Mandy, Craig, Ollie 10 months and Max 3 years 

We contacted Lucy a few weeks before Christmas when I had got to the end of my tether. Our 6 month old James had never been a good sleeper- our worst night (around 10 weeks old) he slept for just 40 mins! His record was 6 hours at around 4 months. However in the weeks leading to contacting Lucy, he'd steadily gone from 4-8 wake ups between 10pm and 6am.

He also had every bad habit in the book! With me, he would only feed to sleep and during the day refused to be put down. With daddy, he would only be rocked to sleep (with 70s rock music �) but this process would take hours and when he did go down, he'd wake within 20 mins.

He still slept in a sleepyhead and I had already requested for Christmas the next size up! Every night we had loud white noise on all night and once he was in his next to me crib, I would slide in bed next to him and try to get any sleep I could! I felt exhausted, depressed and I basically hadn't spent any quality time with my husband since before he was born. Something had to change!

A friend advised we contact Lucy as she had worked wonders with her son. So we took the plunge.

I was petrified of cry it out methods. I'd read about how they linked it to anxiety in later life and I was a member on some breastfeeding forums and had read some very vitriolic viewpoints likening night weaning to starvation. Lucy explained the process in depth before we started so we knew what to expect. Yes your child has to cry- it's his only means of protest! BUT.. you are right next to him. You speak to him, you pat him, and most importantly, if he is really unhappy you can pick him up! I decided we had to succeed as everyone's happiness was at stake, so we started!

The first day was brutal, but Lucy was on the end of what's app the entire time. It was like she was in the room with me and just knowing that she knows more about babies than me meant that in the weaker moments I was able to carry on. By the night time though, after a protest before sleep, he slept for 8 hours...!

It was a bit of a rollercoaster for 10 days with celebrations and catastrophes, but I am happy to say he has just come out of 7 days straight sleeping through 12-13 hours a night. He barely protests being put down for naps and bedtime, and MOST IMPORTANTLY my boy is the happiest I've ever seen him! During the training, he got his first tooth and yet still, he is the calmest and happiest he has ever been. He has put on weight since we started meaning the night weaning was absolutely the right thing to do and has not caused him to go backwards (my greatest fear as he was only 9th percentile).

Last night he didn't sleep through because he hasn't mastered rolling from tummy to back yet, but even though we've officially finished sleep training, Lucy was on hand to help today with advice!

Best Christmas present ever. Don't even question whether you should do this- just do it. It's not just about the sleep, it's the best gift you can give you your child. Without doubt the best money we've spent since he was born! Thank you Lucy!!

Helen, Kevin and James  aged 6 months 

We have a 1 year old boy who hated sleep - and has never slept a full night! Then Lucy came along and changed all that! 
She was so supportive and was with us all the time for advice and guidance. 
We had a sleep plan to follow and thought will this ever work!? but it did and he is now sleeping through the night and it's all thanks to lucy! She is amazing and we couldn't of done it with out her! She's with you 24/7 and so supportive. 
Thank you lucy for everything! We now get some sleep and Austin is much happier xxxx
We can't thank you enough.

Danni, Rob and Austin aged 1 year 

I highly recommend Lucy. I'll be honest I was at breaking point from lack of sleep with by 2nd lo (11 months) waking 3-4 times at night. Lucy was very encouraging and gave me so much confidence that I was already doing a lot well and just needed a litte nudge. Lucy gave me a clear plan but most importantly the confidence that I could do it. I still can't believe it but we saw an improvement the first night and I am so happy to say we are enjoying our 7th night of our lo sleeping through. I cannot thank Lucy enough x

Sally and Alice aged 11 months

I contacted Lucy after a recommendation from a work colleague and boy was I glad I did!! My son is 7 months old and has never slept through the night..... Until now. He was exclusively breastfed and waking in the night between 8 and 14 times!! Each time I would 'feed him' back to sleep. I only now realise how depressed I was from frustration and lack of sleep but by following Lucy's plan and with her support, my son sleeps through the night with occasionally one feed around 3am if he's hungry! I couldn't be any happier. He's so much happier too, the difference in him is amazing! Thank you so much Lucy!! �

Emma, Chris and Thomas aged 7 months 

We approached Lucy when our little boy was nearly 8 months old. We needed help getting him to nap for long enough during the day as he just couldn’t seem sleep for longer than half an hour each time or for more than an hour in total. The tailor made plan for George worked like a miracle from the first day! While it was initially tough for him and us, we knew he needed his sleep to grow and be happy and, unbelievably, he started sleeping up to three hours at a time and through the night from just the second day! The support Lucy provided on the phone was invaluable as without it I’m not sure it would’ve worked for us. George is now so much happier he’s getting he sleep he needs. Thank you Lucy!

Tanya, Brendan and George 7 months 

Thank you doesn’t seem enough to express our gratitude for Lucy! After the first 4 months of walking for 8-10 miles a day to get our baby to nap, the only other way I could get our 7 month old to sleep was BF , and he would wake after 29 mins exactly! He was overtired all the time and by 6pm he was very unhappy! Now he sleeps 12-13 hours straight a night, naps in his cot for long periods of time and gets back to sleep after the 29 minutes :-) and is so much happier! I didn’t think this would ever happen! So happy and So grateful!

Stephanie, Joe and Rupert 6.5 months 

Lucy has made bed and nap times an absolute dream !!! She is brilliant at assessing different children and coming up with individual sleep plans. I'm forever grateful for her time and patience and am recommending her to all my friends xxxx

Kate, Ross and Albany aged 22 months

We approached Lucy when our little boy was nearly 8 months old. We needed help getting him to nap for long enough during the day as he just couldn’t seem sleep for longer than half an hour each time or for more than an hour in total. The tailor made plan for George worked like a miracle from the first day! While it was initially tough for him and us, we knew he needed his sleep to grow and be happy and, unbelievably, he started sleeping up to three hours at a time and through the night from just the second day! The support Lucy provided on the phone was invaluable as without it I’m not sure it would’ve worked for us. George is now so much happier he’s getting he sleep he needs. Thank you Lucy!

Tanya, Brendan, George aged 7 months

Lucy is a miracle worker! Our little boy went from waking every 2 hours to 6/7 hour stretches. Her plan was so easy to follow and was always at the other end of the phone to offer any guidance needed. Such a lovely person also . Highly recommend!! Thanks again Lucy!

Allison, Laurence and Jack aged 6 months

I first found Lucy during one of many sleepless nights spent scouring the Internet in pure desperation! My little girl was 4 months old and not only did she not sleep at night but she did not nap in the daytime, sometimes going over 11 hours straight without so much as a wink! I felt like I'd tried everything and with an energetic 3 year old to look after as well I was really struggling to cope without any sleep.

Lucy was fantastic from start to finish, offering me so much support throughout the day. To begin with I felt I needed a lot of guidance but whenever I whatsapped her she was always there at the other end of the phone to help. I saw huge Improvements near enough straight away. At times my little girl would keep me on my toes but with Lucys help I stuck with the plan. I now have a baby who either sleeps through or who wakes up once and is back down to sleep 20 minutes later after a change and a feed. She also has two good naps a day. The result? A much happier baby and a much happier mummy. Thank you Lucy, you have made such a difference to our family :) xxx

Lois, Ross and Elie aged 4 months

Our daughter was 14 months when we approached Lucy and had never slept through a night. She would only fall asleep for naps or bedtime by prolonged rocking and singing. At the end of the two week plan, she was sleeping through the night and has continued to do so - without any rocking. Not only was the plan great, but personally I would not have seen it through without the telephone support, particularly on the very early days when the temptation was to pick her up and rock her. I would definitely recommend Days and Dreams to any parent having sleep issues with their child.

Sheena, Raju and Anaya aged 14 months

What can I say - a dream come true! I have a two and half year old, Lillie, who has never been a particularly good sleeper, but my six month old, Francesca had been a brilliant sleeper until four months, and then she was terrible! She would be waking up to five times a night and not going back to sleep until she was (breast)fed. I knew that she wasn't hungry, and was waking purely because she was used to it and didn't know how to get herself back to sleep. Her naps were minimal and all over the place.
With a highly energetic toddler and very little sleep I was exhausted, and a friend recommended Lucy. The two weeks certainly had their ups and downs, but I stuck with it - and now she sleeps through the night 7-7! I cannot explain how it works, but it just does. I can't recommend highly enough. And Lucy was such a great support, always on WhatsApp at pretty much any time of the day or night. And I know that if I had any questions now she would be there for me.
If you have a baby that is having trouble at sleeping, then this is definitely for you. Fantastic.

Anna, Spencer and Francesca aged 6.5 months 

From the outset Lucy was confident that she could get us to a place where our son would sleep through the night and nap times would break the dreaded 40 minute barrier! Even though we knew we'd got stuck in bad habits, there was never any judgement, only positivity and encouragement. 
The plan Lucy created was clear and easy to follow, but her help day by day was the key to building our confidence. She strikes the perfect balance of professionalism and approachability.

Now after two weeks Asher is confident to sleep through the night without his dummies and without us! The whole family is getting the rest we so desperately needed! Thank you Lucy!

Kathryn and Asher aged 14 months 

What can I say - a dream come true! I have a two and half year old, Lillie, who has never been a particularly good sleeper, but my six month old, Francesca had been a brilliant sleeper until four months, and then she was terrible! She would be waking up to five times a night and not going back to sleep until she was (breast)fed. I knew that she wasn't hungry, and was waking purely because she was used to it and didn't know how to get herself back to sleep. Her naps were minimal and all over the place.
With a highly energetic toddler and very little sleep I was exhausted, and a friend recommended Lucy. The two weeks certainly had their ups and downs, but I stuck with it - and now she sleeps through the night 7-7! I cannot explain how it works, but it just does. I can't recommend highly enough. And Lucy was such a great support, always on WhatsApp at pretty much any time of the day or night. And I know that if I had any questions now she would be there for me.
If you have a baby that is having trouble at sleeping, then this is definitely for you. Fantastic.

Anna, Spencer and Lillie aged 6.5 months 

Lucy has saved us!! When our son Rupert got to 7 months old and was still waking in the night (4 times on average) only to be rocked, cuddled, dummy back in, sang to, shhhh-d, stroked or fed back to sleep after every wake up, plus a horrific day time sleeper, something had to change!

I was on my knees with exhaustion, we were miserable at home and Rupert was a cranky over tired baby with too much energy to burn, which most people put down to "maybe he doesn't need a lot of sleep?".

My friend recommended Lucy to us and at first I didn't think she could help us, especially not within 2 weeks! But I was very very wrong.

Rupert is now thriving on the new routine Lucy created for us. He falls asleep by himself in his cot. He soothes himself back to sleep when/if he wakes, AND he doesn't use a dummy or rely on feeding to sleep anymore. He's more content, and he wakes up smiling and well rested.

Lucy was incredibly supportive to us throughout the 2 weeks and this is definitely something I couldn't have done without an experts support guiding me on. Telling me it's okay and reminding me that Rupert was capable of doing it. Which he was, and is!

Thanks so much Lucy! You literally have changed our household! xx

Amy, Daniel and Rupert aged 7 months 

I was recommended Lucy by a friend of mine and after contemplating I thought I'd just give Lucy a call and see what she could offer. From our 1st conversation she was honestly such a genuine person and wasn't just trying for me to use her services. My son was 5 months old then and I felt his sleeping was 'ok' however I did rock him every night and he did occasionally sleep through he night. When my friend had amazing results I felt what have I got to lose. I'll be honest I felt he results would only be short term and things may revert back etc. We started the programme and Lucy was there every step of the way. I was so nervous and did not want my baby to be upset etc however this programme is amazing. I love that it has taught my son how to actually sleep and I feel this is going to help him as he becomes older. My son was not upset and took to the programme so quickly which surprised me. I kept on feeling things can't change so quickly and it will go back to how it used to be however it did not. Lucy is so approachable and even though I have completed the programme she is still there if I have any questions! Thank you Lucy x

Rajini, Andrew and Jai aged 8 months

Lucy has transformed our 1yr old sleep habits. She has also given us 'first time parents' invaluable knowledge about sleep in babies. Our 1yr old has gone from waking every hour to sleeping right through the night (from day 1.!) Her technique is really gentle, and instantly effective. We especially liked the theory of making her cot a safe happy environment. Our baby now wakes up refreshed, full of giggles while playing with her feet! We are amazed. Thank you Lucy X

Joanna, Jeremy and Sienna aged 11 months.

I enlisted the help of Lucy last year when my son was 4 months old. I was at the end of my tether when I contacted Lucy. From about 10 weeks his sleep routine started to deteriorate from then it went bad to worse. He never napped past 45 minutes during the day and it took a lot of rocking or nursing to sleep to get him to sleep. Night time was the same only by the time I had contacted Lucy he was waking 9/10 times per night. The main reason why I wanted to try something was because I knew he wasn’t getting the sleep he needed for him to develop properly. He was constantly tired but because he was always rocked to sleep he needed that to get back to sleep every time he woke from a sleep cycle. 
So from there I went through the two week plan with Lucy and got started. The first night my son woke twice between 7am to 7pm, I couldn’t believe it, it was only a few more days until he was waking once a night for a feed which was totally normal for his age. Not only did his night time sleep improve but his naps have improved so much too. There was such an improvement by the end of the two weeks, his naps had gotten a lot better but they were still a work in progress. We had quite a few bumps throughout the two weeks but it was great that Lucy was there throughout. 
Three months on, Lowen is napping anywhere from 1 hour to 2hr 20mins and he sleeps through the night most nights. It has been such a transformation. But most importantly Lowen is a much happier and content baby and goes to bed so happily now and if he does cry I know there is something wrong.

I can’t recommend Lucy enough, she never made me feel like any question was too silly even though I’m sure I tested her patience at times! 
Thanks again Lucy!

Marianne, Edward, and Lowen aged 4 months

Well what can we say- Lucy has saved the day! After 12 months of sleepless attempts at basically everything a friend saw our desperation and passed us Lucy's details. From the beginning of the process shes been a calm and supportive shoulder/ear and showed us how to be calm and consistent and allow our beautiful boy to get the sleep he needs. Thanks again Lucy Milo now sleeps through for a month! :)))) x

Hayley, Dan and Milo aged 12 months

To say that Lucy has changed our lives would not be an exaggeration. Our son woke every hour of the night for 9 months and we could only settle him by breastfeeding him to sleep. If we tried any other way (rocking, shhhing, putting him in the cot awake) he would scream the house down for hours. We were on our knees by the time we contacted Lucy. We were convinced that we would be the first family that Lucy wouldn't be able to help...Not so! After just 2 nights of following Lucy's advice and sleep plan, our son was sleeping through the night and having 3 hours of naps during the day. It felt like nothing short of a miracle! My husband can finally settle him at bedtime and they have a bond that they couldn't have before, it's wonderful to see. My husband and I have our evenings back and we are a much happier and well-rested family!

Lucy's knowledge and experience is clear to see and it was great to have someone on hand (at all hours when we needed her!) to answer our 'silly questions' and to check up on us so that we didn't suffer in silence. She has a gentle but wise way about her; just the kind of personality that we needed at the time to reassure us and put us on track. It is difficult to put into words just how much Lucy and this experience has helped us. THANK YOU, thank you Lucy xxx

Sophie, Stuart and Jamie aged 9 months

Thanks to Lucy, her plan, support and encouragement, we are all finally getting some much needed sleep. After 10 months of waking every 2-3 hours, every night, we needed to break the cycle we found ourselves in and advice on how to start a new routine which would help our lovely little boy to get the sleep he needed. Lucy gave us structure, confidence and the knowledge the we were doing the right thing! A month or so on, night times are so, so much better now and our happy baby is even more wonderful now he is (nearly always) getting the rest he needs to thrive- thank you Lucy!!

Kerrie, Fred and Woody ages 9 months

"Lucy is a magician! After 13 months of being woken anywhere between 90 minutes & 2 hours every night since my little boy was a day old I finally admitted defeat.

She promised me he would be sleeping after two weeks & I laughed because such a thing just felt so far away. He was sleeping amazingly after 2 days!

Thank you so much for your help Lucy, I couldn't have done it without you."

Lauren, David and Arlo 13 months.

"After months of rocking, shushing, singing, dummies, back ache, tip toeing around to not wake the baby, night feeds and early wake ups- signing up with Lucy has been the best decision we've made!!

We are now one happy, sleep filled family thanks to Lucy's plan! We cannot thank or recommend her enough!

I have to admit I thought our little one was going to be the one to fail at sleep training- I just could not imagine he would ever be able to go to sleep through! All I was hoping for was a few less wake ups through the night and touch wood- we got so much more! On day one he showed huge improvements, dropped both his night feeds and slept through on the first night! We couldn't believe it!

For me the most beneficial part of the process was having Lucy's support- she was available for each nap time, and I could message her about what I was doing and any issues I was facing and she'd be there telling me what to do! I always felt comfortable to ask the millions of questions I had and always felt she wanted to know how our little man was getting on. You aren't just given a plan and left to get on with things, she helps you adapt them to your baby and also gives you the support and encouragement you need at each stage.

She has completely changed our lives- we're much more relaxed, we get more sleep, we have our evenings back and we have a happier baby! We cannot thank you enough!!"

Lisa, Clive and Harry 5 months

"I'm really pleased we did the 2 week programme with Lucy. I was feeding my 10 month old daughter multiple times every night to settle her back to sleep, and was exhausted! Now she sleeps through the night and has much better naps in the day, and I think she is much happier. It was tough at times, but the first nap proved to be the worst and things improved quickly from there. Lucy was always available for advice and encouragement which was reassuring. It was the right thing for us to do now, and I feel more confident that we will be both manage ok when I go back to work. I don't think we would have done it without Lucy's support, so thank you!"

Louisa, Jite and Dorothy 10 months.

"Lucy's sleep training plan worked a miracle and there is now so much more laughter in our home because everyone is getting enough zzz's. It was Lucy's constant support that made the results possible because she gave me the strength to be strong for my son. I feel so unbelievably proud and happy whenever i stop and watch Nathan, my 5 month year old son, close his eyes and send himself off to sleep ... knowing this skill ensures he is sufficiently rested and ready to take on the world! Thank you Lucy"

Sarah, Sam and Nathan 5 months.

"Lucy has literally been a lifesaver!! This is the best thing I’ve ever done. Ive told all my mum friends about it as I honestly believe that anyone struggling with getting their little one to sleep/stay asleep should do it! My 5 month old used to wake up so much during the night and never napped for more than 30 mins in the daytime. I also needed to rock and bounce her to sleep every time. Lucy’s approach was great. It was a structured method that I could fully commit to. It ...was much more gentle then leaving your baby to cry on their own for hours. What I liked most was the support from Lucy during the 2 week training and beyond. Lucy was always available on whatsapp to talk things through as they were happening. It was like she was in the nursery with me. Lucy has such a lovely way about her. I always felt I could be honest and never felt that any of my many questions were stupid. Thank you so much Lucy. My daughter is now sleeping through the night and has long proper naps during the daytime. It has transformed my life and my baby girl is so much happier. If you are considering doing this I can whole heartily recommend"

Laura, Esmae 5 months.

Lucy is amazing!!! My 15month old rarely slept a whole night through and I was loosing my mind with it. I honestly didn't believe anything would work but she kept saying it would and it did. In just a few days my son was napping for longer and going through the whole night which in turn made him so much happier during the day. I can not recommend Lucy enough for her constant communication and positive belief that Hugo would go though the night!!! Thank you ,thank you, thank you!

Jennifer, Alistair and Hugo 15 months.

I held off contacting Lucy for ages because I had this stigma about calling in help - I was giving myself a really hard time about not being able to solve my 5-month old daughter´s sleep issues on my own. However, I´d got into a cul-de-sac of over-analysis and short term measures which combined with exhaustion and a 3 year old were taking their toll. Things had got so bad - up every 90 minutes through the night, feeding on demand - that I could no longer see a way out. When I... eventually emailed Lucy I said ´If you know how to resolve this you´re a miracle worker´. I may even have enquired about getting my money back I was so convinced it wouldn´t work. But I should have had more faith.
Within three days of starting Lucy´s sleep plan our daughter was going to sleep without a fuss, napping three times a day in her cot, and only waking for one scheduled night feed, plus she was feeding at just four fixed times through the day. She had learnt to send herself to sleep so was powering through hours at a time rather than waking at the end of one or two 45 minute sleep cycles.
It was tough at the beginning but with Lucy in constant contact I never felt on my own. Getting the baby to sleep for the very first daytime nap was as hard as it got but Lucy was there throughout, messaging me encouraging words of support and telling me to stick to the plan and the strategy we had discussed. After that the naps came easier and by day five our sleep problems were almost completely solved. There were some hiccups, and Lucy told me to expect them, but she was there every step of the way. Without that support I´m sure I would have weakened or panicked and changed tack yet again.
The progress we made in such a short space of time was incredible and I still can´t believe it now. I am a new woman - I finally feel in control again after months of simply surviving day to day - and my daughter is an entirely new child for all the sleep - happier, smilier and developing at a rate of knots.
By the end of the two weeks we had not only conquered the sleep problem but I now feel confident to cope with any blips by myself thanks to the strategies and advice Lucy gave me.
I can´t recommend Days and Dreams enough. It´s not just about a sleep plan - having Lucy there throughout the process was worth it a hundred times over.

Sarah, Andrew and Bella 5 months.

"Lucy's sleep plan has literally changed my life. My son Max is now a great sleeper but is also so much happier and more relaxed when he is awake. Now that he has a familiar routine it's so clear that it suits him better. I thought the benefit would be him sleeping, but he is like a different person by day too - more alert, smiley and giggly. 

At 6 months we were at breaking point from the exhaustion and Max's sleep was erratic to say the least. He was napping inconsistently and nowhere near getting through the night without several wakes. I cannot really believe how well he sleeps now. From half way through the plan he started sleeping through the night and now I am getting regular sleep I feel human again. I cannot express how much this has turned things around for us. The plan makes a lot of sense but having Lucy's support and coaching was the real game changer. Thank you Lucy! "

Rose, Chris and Max 6 months.

"After 5 months of rocking, feeding, driving, cuddling and shushing our son to sleep we knew something had to change but didnt know how to get ourselves out of the rut we had created and then a friend told us about Lucy. 


When Lucy and i first spoke about the plan for Thomas i have to admit i was sceptical, i couldnt believe all of the bad habits could be irradicated in a fortnight plus we were moving him into his own room and taking away the sleepyhead at the same time but we were also so sleep deprived i was willing to try anything!!! 

Day one was hard work, Thomas cried a lot and resisted the changes more than i anticipated but Lucy was on hand with encouragement and support, she gave me the confidence to stick at it and im so glad we did because on the 4th night thomas slept through. As the days went on and his sleeping improved he became so much happier and alert, he wasnt whining, it was great. we were able to put him into his cot awake and walk out of the room knowing that he was able to settle himself to sleep. we suddenly had our evenings back and i could actually start something and finish it without having to worry that Thomas would wake up half way through. We could go to baby classes or swimming without him crying or needing feeding half way through!!! 

It hasnt all been plain sailing, half way through the plan we had our first heat wave of the summer, thomas' nursery was up to 26 degrees and we were all struggling to sleep. desk fans that we used to combat the heat then gave thomas a cold and right at the end of the fortnight his first tooth broke through so he was restless and irritable but with lucy's plan and our new found control and confidence we were able to plough through and deal with the problems, even now if we have a bad night or a day where we cant stick to the plan because of other commitments, we draw a line under it, take a deep breath and start again tomorrow. 

We really cannot recommend lucy enough, her advice has been invaluable and with her support we now have a very content little family. thank you!!! "

Nina, Ian and Thomas 5 months.

"I have just completed a two week sleep training programme with Lucy and I cannot recommend her highly enough! In just two weeks my life is completely transformed! A fortnight ago my 6 month old baby was waking about every hour all through the night and could only get back to sleep by being cuddled or most often fed! During the day he would never be able to nap in his cot, if I wanted him to sleep I had to take him out for a walk or a drive! This had been my life for over 6 months and I needed help! Lucy designed me a fantastic sleep plan which gave me really clear guidelines as to exactly what I needed to do at all times. I won't lie, the first few days were quite tough as my son really fought the changes but Lucy was was with me every step of the way with daily messages to reassure me and answer my many questions! 3 days in to the new techniques and my son slept right through the night from 7 until 7 and I couldn't believe it!! We had some ups and downs during the fortnight but we persevered and quickly got back on track. After about a week my son was putting himself to sleep at night and at every nap in his cot and he was settling himself back to sleep if he woke up! If you're struggling with lack of sleep and wondering if a sleep consultant could help then I would say absolutely YES!"

Rachel, David and Henry aged 6 months

"We contacted Lucy after 5 and a half months of virtually no sleep and running on empty. Our little girl needed feeding to sleep for virtually all naps and nighttime sleeps and I was exhausted. Lucy asked all the right questions and designed a personalised sleep plan for us to follow for two weeks. It was tough to start with, breaking a habit my little girl had since birth but we stuck to it with Lucy at the end of the phone for support. By day 3 she was happily napping in her cot, no longer crying for hours at nighttimes and she even slept through by night 5, something we hadn't even dared to hope for!
The structured plan has meant that my little one no longer gets overtired and grumpy during the day so we enjoy our time together much more now and her development has come on in leaps and bounds as she is getting a decent amount of sleep!
Lucy was always there when things got tough and I was losing hope that she would ever drop off! Her confidence and pride in how our little girl was doing was never ending and now I am more confident in knowing her sleep routine and how to get the best naps in!
Thanks so much Lucy, our lives are genuinely better now!"

Kayleigh, Joe and Bonnie aged 5.5 months

"After almost 5 months of having a baby waking every couple of hours at night, not being able to fall asleep without being rocked or cuddled and waking and crying every time she left my arms, I was at my wits end. Then I found Lucy and things transformed from night one!
After our initial meeting, Lucy tailored a detailed plan specific to us and our daughter, right through from bedtime routines to nap schedules in order to get our baby sleeping.
Just having Lucy there on the end of the phone to ask even the simplest of questions or just for general reassurance was a godsend and really made me feel more confident in understanding my daughter and her sleeping habits.
The change in her was so dramatic and the results were so quick, I couldn't believe that we had our baby sleeping through the night after just over a week. We still follow Lucy's plan and she is always on the end of the phone if I need her. I would never have been able to do it alone, thank you Lucy!"

Lauren, Harry and Pippa aged 5.5 months.

"Lucy has transformed our nights. At a time when I was starting to despair and really lose hope that our 10month old baby would ever be capable of a good night of sleep Lucy  showed us that he could. Our baby had suffered from bad reflux and had always had very wakeful, unsettled nights. And even at 10months, when his reflux seemed significantly better, we were up for 2-3 hours each night with him. It felt like we were trapped in a continuous cycle of sleep deprivation. Through her sleep training plan I was able to feel as though I was back in control of the situation. And by consistently applying Lucy's approach we started to reap the benefits and Henry's nights hugely improved as he learnt to self settle every time he woke. Within less than 2 weeks we had gone from being up with him for several hours a night to not having to go to him till the morning, which was just amazing. One of the best things about Lucy is that at any time when I started to have a wobble during the sleep training she was always there at the end of the phone to give me encouragement, kind words and the strength to stay motivated. She gave not only my baby but also myself and my husband the precious sleep that we had been so acutely deprived of, and with that she also restored our sanity! Thank you Lucy."
Rebecca, Chris and Henry aged 10 months.

"We sought the support of Lucy with our 6 month old who we were struggling to get into his cot, who needed breast feeding or rocking to sleep and was still needing 2 night feeds. Needless to say we were all exhausted! Our personalised 2 week plan seemed relatively straight forward and we were keen to get started. Having such a structured plan was so helpful, it meant we both knew exactly what we were meant to be doing and there were no more inconsistent approaches. The first night was tough, but we stuck with it and saw results as early as night 2. We thought we had cracked it! That was until we had to spend 3 nights in a different cot at my parents and sickness struck! This all put us back a few steps, but with the support of Lucy we were able to work through it and get back on track. The 2 weeks really was a roller coaster, with its ups and downs. Having had a few great days and nights, night 13 was a nightmare and we were ready to give up. Lucy gave us the motivation to carry on and I'm so glad we did. Since the 2 weeks have ended we have continued to have great naps and bedtime sleep. Our baby now sleeps himself when put in his cot, and gets his much needed 2 good naps and 12 hours sleep at night. He is now such a happy baby during the day! I know that there will always be blips, but because of Lucy we feel confident that we have the skills and confidence to continue. It was great having someone walk with us every step of the way, offering expert advice and just friendly support. Lucy is Definitely worth the money, thanks so much!"

Catherine, Mark and Christian aged 6 months.


"Lucy ...."THANK YOU"!! You have really helped us. Our first daughter slept perfectly, but we struggled with our second. Lucy's plan really helped us to get our daughter in a routine, and sleeping through the night!! Our daughter also seems happier, enjoys her bed & her naps, and is even eating better.
It also really helped having the plan written down so both me & my partner can read it and both stick to it, instead of us both trying something different.
It's helped me to feel confident about 'night' time & meant I can go back to work not worrying about how much sleep I will get each night!
Wish I had asked for help sooner!
Thank you! ! X"

Karen, Boris and Georgia aged 8.5 months.

"Lucy has helped me train my son out of early morning waking, 5am starts are not good especially when you also have an energetic toddler to look after! I was shattered and just didn't know what to do to get him to sleep longer. Lucy taught me about why it happens and how to retrain their body clock to wake at an acceptable time. What's also great is that now I know that even if he wakes early I have a strategy in place to fall back on and someone to go to if I need more help. Lucy is always on hand with more advice or encouragement when you need it most. Highly recommend days and dreams!"

Tammy, Andrew and Lochie aged 7 months.

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